Electronic Type


Brand willpo
Model DAM1H
Amperage   1250 – 1600 A 
Voltage 400-690  V
Phase Type Three Phase

What is an automatic or compact key?

The automatic switch or the so-called compact (Circuit Breaker) is an electromechanical switch with weak pressure that performs the act of disconnecting and connecting the circuit. Automatic switches have the power to disconnect and connect short circuit current, nominal current and overload.

Automatic switches break the circuit at predetermined overloads without any damage to the switch. It can also be defined that the automatic switch is a device that is made of a switch to cut off and a device to protect against excess current, and in terms of function, it is the same as the combination of a normal switch with a fuse.

It is necessary to mention that for performing processes such as motor protection, generator protection and earth connection protection, MicroJake relays are placed inside the automatic switches.

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