Brand willpo
Model MP125S – MP160S – MP250S
Amperage MP-125S  40-100 A 
Amperage MP-160S 125-150 A
Amperage MP-250S 180 – 250 A
Voltage 400  V
Phase Type Three Phase

What is a Fixed automatic breaker؟

The automatic Fixed breaker of the MP model is usually used in industrial and domestic lighting systems, motor protection, switchboard input, oil and gas industries, etc.

Cutting the circuit against the voltage drop exceeding the permissible level, drawing excessive current by the consumer and returning the current, are among the functions of the automatic fix switch of the MP model.

The maximum withstand voltage of the auto-fix switch is 690 volts, but if the input voltage reaches 6 kV momentarily, it can withstand without damage. These switches are the best choice for circuits that have DC power, because they can be installed in both AC and DC circuits.


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